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A game safari fit for Indiana Jones’s bucket list

The Mattanu Private Game Reserve in the Northern Cape offers a rare game experience that is definitely not for the faint-hearted – a live game-capture expedition.      Wildlife veterinarian Dr Johan Kriek during a game-capture safari at Mattanu Private Game Reserve Game capturing is an exercise that is important for wildlife conservation, and includes game relocation… Read more »

Welcome to the Diamond City – a photo essay

The capital city of the Northern Cape province, Kimberley, is also known as the ‘Diamond City’ and is most famously home to the Big Hole. Known to be the biggest man-made hole in the world, the size of 8 football fields, this famous icon never disappoints. It is both a symbol of the 1870s diamond… Read more »

48 hours in the Northern Cape

Endless horizons that fill your eyes and sear your soul. A land of space, and time, and air.   In the words of Minister Derek Hanekom “Northern Cape is a place of extremes”   As the largest province in South Africa it is extremely big covering more than 360 000 square kilometres Desert, plains, rivers, pans… Read more »

Follow the flowers

Follow the flowers to Namaqualand Once a year, the area known as Namaqualand, on the western flank of South Africa, puts on an extraordinary spring display. Namaqua National Park   It’s the kind of thing you should do at least once in your lifetime if you are able to – travel to the West Coast of South… Read more »