Family-friendly winter getaways

8 Aug 2018

South African winters offer something for everyone, and there are some fantastic places to visit for a family getaway.

Winter festivals in South Africa

There’s a chill in the air, the wind seems to howl more than ever and the winter blues starts to kick in. There are some aspects of winter that make you want to stay indoors in front of a roaring fireplace.

Reasons to explore SA in winter

3 Aug 2018

South Africa is a winter wonderland, and there are a variety of reasons to explore our beautiful country.

Why we love winter in South Africa

28 Jun 2018

Winter has officially hit South Africa, and instead of taking the moody route, we’ve decided to fall in love with our South African winters.

Explore the Eastern Cape for less than R200

The Eastern Cape is definitely South Africa’s all-in-one province and there is one great Sho’t Left after the other.

Take a Day Trip to Hartbeespoort

24 May 2018

It’s a glorious Sunday in Gauteng and you’re in the mood for a day trip, why not take a quick Sho’t Left to Hartbeespoort, locally known has Harties. Only a 45 min drive from Johannesburg, this glorious place is situated amongst the Magaliesburg Mountain Range and the magnificent Hartbeespoort Dam. Here you can enjoy a day filled with activities, good food, and great memories.

Tips for first time visitors to the Kruger National Park

When you think of South Africa, the incredible Kruger National Park definitely comes to mind. Not only can you catch a glimpse of the famous Big Five, but you will find yourself surrounded by hundreds of bird species, ancient trees, winding rivers, superb accommodation and adventure.

Enjoy these seven least visited attractions in Mpumalanga

23 May 2018

What do you do when you’re in of South Africa’s incredible provinces that boasts pristine beauty, offers ample outdoor activity spots and inspiring cultural experiences?

The Panorama Route – prepare for an unforgettable journey

In the mood for a perfect winter getaway, or just a spontaneous adventure? Take an unforgettable journey through a route that leads to incredible destinations.

Discover the 10 best game reserves in the North West

22 May 2018

South Africa, one of the African continents leading safari destinations, is renowned for the many game lodges, reserves and other bush retreats that has tourists flocking to our country.

There’s so much fun to be had in the North West

7 May 2018

Experience family fun, exhilarating sprees, endless Sho’t Left opportunities to bond with friends and of course awesome entertainment while visiting the North West.

Take a Sho’t Left and immerse yourself in the stark beauty of the Northern Cape – eat, stay and play!

5 Apr 2018

The Northern Cape is known for san rock art, amazing culture, big blue skies and wide open spaces.

Take a Sho’t Left and take in the majesty of the escarpment – eat, stay and play!

3 Apr 2018

And now it is time to explore Mpumalanga!

Explore North West’s amazing nature – eat, stay and play!

The North West is a place of wide open spaces, huge skies, great wildlife and endless adventures.

Take a Sho’t Left and visit the province of rushing water – eat, stay and play!

Limpopo means the place of rushing water, and with good reason! The province is well known not only for the enormous river it is named after, but also for the many streams and waterfalls which provide some great adventure opportunities.

Explore KwaZulu-Natal’s sunshine and playfulness – eat, stay and play!

26 Mar 2018

We have 9 amazing provinces and we want to show you everything they have to offer. It’s time you choose a date, grab a mate and take that long overdue Sho’t left. Let’s take a look at KwaZulu-Natal.

Explore Gauteng’s vibrant experiences – eat, stay and play!

We have 9 amazing provinces and we want to show you everything they have to offer. It’s time you choose a date, grab a mate and take that long overdue Sho’t left. Gauteng, it’s your turn.

Explore Free State’s history and hospitality – eat, stay and play!

We have 9 amazing provinces and we want to show you everything they have to offer. It’s time you choose a date, grab a mate and take that long overdue Sho’t left. Free State is up next.

Take a Sho’t Left to the friendly province of the Eastern Cape – eat, stay and play!

Take a Shot’Left to the friendly province of the Eastern Cape – eat, stay and play!

Explore the national parks of the Northern Cape

23 Mar 2018

When last did you take a road trip, a carefree excursion with friends and family to enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside?

6 must-do adventures in the Northern Cape

15 Mar 2018

If you’re ever thinking of making your way to the land of big skies and small towns, here are a few adventures you won’t want to pass up.

The Mother City and her endless adventures – this is where to eat, stay and play!

We have 9 amazing provinces and we want to show you everything they have to offer. It’s time you choose a date, grab a mate and take that long overdue Sho’t left. First up is Cape Town…

Off the grid campsites

23 Feb 2018

One of the best ways to do this in our frantic lives is to take an off the grid camping trip. Picture a serene wilderness with no cell phone signal, no internet, and often no electricity.

10 Reasons to Visit Limpopo

Here are the top ten reasons why you just have to take a Sho’t Left and visit this beautiful region for yourself.

Romantic getaways this February

22 Feb 2018

Take your loved one on a romantic Sho’t Left this Valentine’s Day. Creating life long memories is as easy as visiting one of the many weekend destinations South Africa has to offer.

Things to do in January, without the pinch

23 Jan 2018

January is a month known for new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and also a time where everyone is still feeling the holiday vibes.

Gauteng heritage explored in 10 ways

18 Jan 2018

South Africa is a rich melting pot of cultures and heritages so why not spend an afternoon visiting one of these sites.

Get ready for a historic adventure ride at Gold Reef City

For a day of frenetic family fun, Gold Reef City cannot be beat.

Things to get up to in Maboneng

16 Jan 2018

Maboneng is a thriving inner-city district of Johannesburg. The old buildings were given new life in 2008 and are now a flourishing arts and culture destination. Many of the buildings date back to the 1900’s and are today used to house trendy restaurants and a thriving nightlife.

Fun times at Oribi Gorge

9 Jan 2018

If you’re in KwaZulu-Natal and you’re not only craving adventure but all the beautiful scenery that comes with it too, then you need to go to Oribi Gorge.

See the Southbroom Coast

15 Dec 2017

South Africa is blessed with beautiful coastal villages which are easily accessible and suitable for the whole family.

The Funtastic guide to road tripping from JHB to DBN

Think roads less travelled and small towns explored – taking a road trip along a scenic route with friends and family is fun, adventurous and brave.

Fun Jozi Activities for you this December

Johannesburg is a city worth exploring, and as it quietens down over Christmas it becomes a fantastic time to do just that.

Best Beaches to escape to in South Africa

14 Dec 2017

Whether you are planning a lazy beach holiday or an active adventure holiday filled with water activities such as surfing and water boarding, we have compiled some of the best beaches to escape to these holidays.

Explore more of Port Elizabeth

8 Nov 2017

Port Elizabeth is one of the many hidden gems of South Africa. It’s a city that’s bursting with vibrant culture, exhilarating adventure activities and friendly locals who’ll make visitors feel right at home – after all, it’s not known as “the friendly city” for nothing.

Keeping it wild at the Wild Coast’s Bulungula Lodge

It’s without a doubt that the Wild Coast has so much to offer especially with regard to accommodation where visitors get to relax and appreciate their surroundings in a scenic, lush and tranquil setting.

Six reasons to visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park

6 Nov 2017

What does it mean to be free? To unshackle yourself from the daily pressures of life and to completely absorb yourself in something truly breathtaking?

Explore the Free State, a province buried in rich history

2 Nov 2017

It’s unquestionable that Free State culture is a true melting pot of traditions. Locals have descended directly from several traditional Southern African groups as well as a long line of Dutch ancestors.

Travel Light – Affordable escapes for under R400

6 Oct 2017

Travel is a truly enrich experience, one that doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. In fact we believe that every person should make time for adventures that don’t break the bank.

National Parks Week 2017 – Get in touch with your national heritage

18 Sep 2017

Have you ever considered going back to the bush? Is that where you left your heart and soul? Well, if so, we’ve got good news for you. It’s National Parks Week at the South African National Parks (SANParks), giving you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your natural heritage… for free.

The cultural richness of the Mpumalanga Heartland

22 Aug 2017

The Cultural Heartland of Mpumalanga is a place to become immersed in the time-honoured cultural traditions of the people of this area and connect with their beautiful, natural settings. South African cultural villages either celebrate the ethnic diversity of the country or focus on the traditions of a specific group. Gain a greater understanding of our people through tours, traditional song, dancing, storytelling and a delicious meal at the fireside.

There is nothing dull about Dullstroom

Mountain views and serene surroundings set the scene for a host of activities that will keep you entertained while visiting the town of Dullstroom. This charming Mpumalanga town is more interesting than the name suggests.

Mpumalanga embraces sustainable tourism

Mpumalanga means “the place where the sun rises”, and while it may be among South Africa’s smallest provinces, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in spectacular natural diversity.

Mpumalanga – A road trip worth taking

14 Aug 2017

With just a few more weeks of winter left, there’s no better time than now to hit the road in search for the perfect winter getaway.

Tourism Month

4 Aug 2017

South Africa celebrates Tourism Month annually in September with the aim to focus on the importance of tourism to the economy of South Africa.

A weekend spent in Clarens

20 Jul 2017

For nature, art and fun, Clarens is an ideal getaway

Mandela Day – Discover the legacy

18 Jul 2017

If you are as big of a fan of the Mandela legacy as we are, then you have to visit some of these iconic places in order to fully immerse yourself in his profound life…

The Northern Cape is waiting for you this winter

21 Jun 2017

Small town charm, fun activities and a festival or two – what more could you possibly need this winter?

5 reasons to put on your jacket and head on a winter safari

15 Jun 2017

You probably don’t want to leave the warmth and comfort of your house, but have you considered that winter may be the best time to head to the bush.

Cosy winter retreats

8 Jun 2017

Venture out and brave South Africa’s nippy season with these winter getaways to beat the big chill.

Come experience wild Durban

15 May 2017

While Durban (eThekwini) is a busy urban centre, a few hours’ drive from the city lies a number of phenomenal wildlife destinations.


11 May 2017

South Africa’s third-smallest province, KwaZulu-Natal has a wealth of scenic and cultural attractions that include the country’s most popular beaches lying to the south and north of Durban.

Durban’s endless summer

2 May 2017

They don’t call Durban “South Africa’s playground” for nothing – so dig your toes in the sand, take a dip in the sea and enjoy your time in this great city.

Cool Cape Town and its cool activities

19 Apr 2017

Cape Town is not only a pretty face, there is so much to do and see it could make you dizzy with all the choices. Here is a little guide to some great activity options

The Gogos enjoy the Eastern Cape

12 Apr 2017

We think everyone should get to enjoy all that South Africa has to offer, most of all the wisest of our nation – the gogos. The “Gogos on Tour” initiative aims to treat our senior citizens to some awesome experiences at various places across their provinces.

Easter getaways

10 Apr 2017

April holidays are just around the corner and they are full of lovely treats like long weekends, chocolate delights and hot cross buns!

Cape Town on a budget

29 Mar 2017

Summer is nearing its end and the winter months are looming, so we suggest you get to the Mother City and enjoy some fun activities in style but also on budget…

Gogos go gaga for the Western Cape

22 Mar 2017

This week, the lovely gogos from the Western Cape were treated and delighted to a host of activities, and this is what they got up to…

Discovering the Garden Route

15 Mar 2017

The Garden Route is one of South Africa’s most beautiful areas with an array of modern golf courses, ancient forests, secluded artists’ communities, craft centres, mountain hideaways and beach holidays.

The Gogos enjoy the Northern Cape

15 Feb 2017

This week, the lovely gogos from the Northern Cape were treated and delighted to a host of activities, and this is what they got up to…

Weekend getaways KZN-style

We’ve put together a list of affordable destinations within easy driving distance from Durban to visit for a weekend of relaxation and recuperation.

Adventurous Date Ideas

8 Feb 2017

Ditch the kitsch and take advantage of a whole bouquet of romantic date ideas perfect for any special occasion or the month of love.

Instagram-worthy places to visit in SA

2 Feb 2017

If this doesn’t get your feet itchy to travel your country, then nothing will. Safe travels and happy snapping!

Cheers! It’s National Beer Day

Celebrate National Beer Day in your city and check out this guide to some of the best brews in town.

The Gogos enjoy the Free State

20 Jan 2017

This week, the lovely gogos from the Free State were treated and delighted to a host of activities, and this is what they got up to…

The Ultimate South African Travel Bucket List

13 Jan 2017

We have one word for you and it needs to be part of your 2017 ambitions – travel!

Muizenberg Meanderings

17 Dec 2016

Muizenberg is a small beach-town suburb in Cape Town, most famous for its small colourful houses on the beach, which make it a picturesque destination

The Gogos enjoy Mpumalanga

15 Dec 2016

This week, the lovely gogos from Mpumalanga were treated and delighted, and this is what they got up to…

“Blacks do Caravan”, so says Fikile…

14 Dec 2016

South Africa is full of gorgeous camping spots – but deciding where to stay can become a little overwhelming. Getting back to basics and being out in nature is one of the best parts of a holiday in South Africa

The Gogos enjoy KwaZulu-Natal

13 Dec 2016

This week the lovely gogos from KwaZulu-Natal have been treated and delighted, and this is what they got up to…

Colours and characters of the Karoo

12 Dec 2016

It gets under your skin and creeps into your heart. The Karoo is a magical place of open spaces and warm hospitality. Oudtshoorn, Beauford West and Prince Albert are just some of the iconic Karoo must-see towns.

What’s happening in Nelson Mandela Bay?

9 Dec 2016

Did you know? Addo Elephant National Park is the third-largest national park in South Africa and also incorporates St. Croix and Bird Island. This beautiful part of South Africa really has it all. We hope to see you there soon!

Jozi Staycation

5 Dec 2016

Why would you want to go anywhere else when you have beauty, activities, adventure and enjoyment right on your doorstep?

The Gogos enjoy North West

29 Nov 2016

This week the lovely gogos from North West have been treated and delighted, this is what they got up to…

The Gogos enjoy Limpopo

22 Nov 2016

This week the lovely gogos from Limpopo have been treated and delighted and this is what they got up to…

Keyes Art Mile – Artistic hub and cultural triumph

Keyes Art Mile represents a new approach to city living – a place built to inspire and encourage creative living and generosity of design in a highly connected world in the heart of vibrant Johannesburg.

Ficksburg, it’s the Cherry on top

14 Nov 2016

Ficksburg, known as the cherry capital of the world celebrates this fact by hosting an annual cherry festival.

A Free State festival of blooms and buds

10 Nov 2016

A spectacular colourful festival has been added to the South African events calendar and it shouldn’t be missed!

Winelands activities

8 Nov 2016

Have a look at some of the unique food and wine pairings available on various wine farms, as well as some of the fun wine orientated facts and activities our winelands have to offer.

Time for a getaway – it’s a dog’s life after all

2 Nov 2016

Can’t leave home without your best friend? Surround yourself with nature and tranquillity because we have just the accommodation for you and your pets.

Hikes for days

26 Oct 2016

Everyone has their own favourite hiking trail, and with so many great ones, it is hard to choose. So these are just some suggestions for the most popular hiking trails.

National Marine Week

18 Oct 2016

Last week South Africa celebrated National Marine week in order to highlight the importance of oceans and the role they play in the life of all South Africans.

Happy Birthday to the City of Gold

14 Oct 2016

You may be 130 years old this month Johannesburg but to us you are still young, vibrant and full of fun. Happy birthday!

Discounts that’ll make your “Gogo” smile

12 Oct 2016

To celebrate our older citizens here are some of the coolest attractions that Cape Town has to offer with a number of special promotions for our senior citizens.

Bang for your buck – 10 activities for under R100

29 Sep 2016

The Free State is full of wonder and excitement. And it doesn’t even have to break the bank.

Celebrating our culture on Heritage Day

23 Sep 2016

Whether you are celebrating National Heritage Day with a braai or not, there is definitely one thing we can all get excited about – it brings a welcome long weekend!

An artist’s dream and adventurer’s paradise – welcome to Clarens

22 Sep 2016

The Free State holds many wonders, one of which is the ever-enchanting town of Clarens.

Hidden gems of the Free State

20 Sep 2016

Just like many of South AFrica’s beautiful provinces, the Free State boasts an array of tourist attractions and adventures. Here’s are few highlights you can expect.

Hidden gems of the Western Cape

Marvel at the magnificence of the Western Cape and everything this beautiful province has to offer. From exhilarating outdoor activities to scenic road trips through the picturesque countryside, get out there and explore.

National Parks Week – get in touch with your national heritage

12 Sep 2016

It’s National Parks Week at the South African National Parks (SANParks), giving you the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your natural heritage… for free.

More hidden gems of KwaZulu-Natal

2 Sep 2016

A vast majority of exhilarating adventures, incredible game reserves, and cultural museums can be found in KwaZulu-Natal – here’s a guide to help get you started.

Hidden gems of the Eastern Cape

Head to the Eastern Cape where vast plains of natural beauty sprawls with greenery, rugged cliffs guard the coastline, and where locals exude warmth and hospitality.

Discover Maboneng Precinct’s “it” factor

10 Aug 2016

Once associated with crime and dilapidation but now identified with some of Johannesburg’s coolest hangouts, Maboneng has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and transformed into a contemporary urban jungle.

Hidden gems of Mpumalanga

8 Aug 2016

Translated from Zulu, Mpumalanga means “Place where the sun rises,” and indeed it is.

Hidden gems of KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is known as the Kingdom of the Zulu and rightfully so – it’s South Africa’s very own dynasty with a wealth of natural beauty, rich culture and vibrant energy that can’t be found anywhere else.

Wildlife & Adventure – A Sho’t Left in Limpopo

5 Aug 2016

We took a Sho’t Left to Limpopo to discover this for ourselves.

Hidden gems of Limpopo

21 Jul 2016

Venture into Limpopo and explore this northern-most province of South Africa that’s a treasure chest jam-packed with a rich source of cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and an abundance of tourist attractions. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a laid-back traveller, Limpopo is a thriving province that caters to every tourist’s needs.

Hidden gems of the North West

15 Jul 2016

There’s always a reason to visit the North West province – from its picturesque landscape, which is defined by breathtaking mountains to its national parks and luxurious hotels, there’s no excuse not to explore this magnificent province to understand what makes it so special.

Hidden gems of Gauteng

14 Jul 2016

Gauteng is often referred to as the “place of gold” and rightfully so – this vibrant province harbours a wealth of unique tourist attractions. From historical sites and museums to adrenaline-charged theme parks and deluxe hotels, venture out into this region of South Africa to unearth gems just waiting to be discovered.

Unearth wine route gems in South Africa

30 Jun 2016

South Africa is sprawling with expansive and breathtaking wine routes. From the Constantia Wine Route in the Western Cape to the Vaal Wine Route in Gauteng, your options are endless. Look hard enough and you’ll discover that there’s more to wine routes than just vino – there are also little-known spots that are waiting to be explored.