Enjoy these seven least visited attractions in Mpumalanga

23 May 2018

What do you do when you’re in of South Africa’s incredible provinces that boasts pristine beauty, offers ample outdoor activity spots and inspiring cultural experiences? Head out with your cell phone fully charged (for perfect photo ops), a group of fun-loving friends to enjoy the day with and an itinerary to tick off every wild experience had. Here’s a list of the top seven places to visit in Mpumalanga.

Kaapsehoop Scootours

Explore Mpumalanga’s countryside with Kaapsehoop Scootours. Start your adventure in the historical town of Kaapsehoop, make your way up into the region’s forest and rugged terrain before finally descending to the finish point. It’s an unforgettable scenic forest experience.

Matsamo Cultural Village

Dance to the beat as the locals of the Matsamo Cultural Village wow visitors with their incredible dance sequences, such as the traditional Swazi dance. Here you can learn about their vibrant culture through stories about famous legends of their tribe.

Highland Giants Estate

Considering Dullstroom, Mpumalanga is considered the fly-fishing capital of South Africa, there’s no better place than Highland Giant’s Estate in this quaint town to cast your rod. Settle in for the night in one of the charming cottages on this 500-hectare estate.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Experience the magic of the bush at Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Whether you’re in the mood for a real outdoor experience or just a getaway to enjoy nature and wildlife, this game reserve is for you.

Sudwala Dinosaur Park

Feel like a kid again at the Sudwala Dinosaur Park and be in awe of the life size models of pre-historic animals. These range from amphibious ancient reptiles and dinosaurs to pre-historic mammals. Travel towards the Sudwala Caves, 30 minutes from Nelspruit, for a prehistoric adventure.

Pilgrim’s Rest

Take a tour through the historical town of Pilgrim’s Rest. From museums and historic sites to quaint old buildings, each has a story to tell of how this town evolved during the gold rush days of the 1900s.

Sudwala Caves

Sudwala Caves is a popular tourist attraction in Mpumalanga. Be in awe of the incredible rock formations that have transformed these caves of millions of years.

Next time you’re in Mpumalanga, be sure to visit these and many more attractions when you’re on a Sho’t Left to this incredible province.

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