The Funtastic guide to road tripping from JHB to DBN

15 Dec 2017

Think roads less travelled and small towns explored – taking a road trip along a scenic route with friends and family is fun, adventurous and brave. While, flying offers the convenience of being quick and easy, it most definitely does not offer the same experience that comes with taking a leisurely road trip.

When last did you plan a road trip, isn’t it time?

How to get there…

Every year thousands of holiday-makers travel from Johannesburg to Durban via the N3, the main road that links the two provinces. This road trip should be taken at leisure and is great for those who love to take in the never-ending landscapes, making pit stops along the way and for exploring the hidden gems the small towns have to offer.

Once you head out of the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg onto the wide and open N3, the road should take you towards the green rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal towards the small town of Newcastle. From there you should continue south towards Estcourt where the towering Drakensberg Mountains will command your attention as you enter the lush Midlands Meander.

The Drakensburg Mountains are famous for the conservation of 35 000 year old San rock art as well as rolling grasslands, pristine river valleys and rocky gorges. It’s the perfect place to make a pit stop and take in stunning views, why not even stay a night or two?

From Estcourt, take a slight detour via the lush Karkloof Indigenous Forest before making your way along the Midlands Meander, which is guaranteed to take your breath away. It is also known as an arts and crafts area so take your time to explore the attractions. Make sure to also not miss the Mandela Capture Site or stop for a fun family activity, such as horse riding. Wine tasting, Zulu cultural experiences, trout fishing and curio shopping will keep you busy along this route.

Howick, is the next town after the Midlands Meander and at this point you will join the N3 which should take you straight into Durban where you will be met with small suburbs and townships nestled among the green hills.

Enter the city of Durban, where there is something for everyone. If you are planning on lingering a little longer, there is world-class accommodation and fantastic dining and leisure establishments which cater for everyone. On the outskirts of Durban is the Valley of a 1 000 Hills which offers magnificent views and cultural activities suitable for the whole family.

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Towns to explore along the route:  

Newcastle: Is the town situated in the heart of the old battlefields area, where you can visit plenty of sites which played a significant role in the war between the British and the Zulus.

Estcourt: The Drakensberg Mountains features historical San rock art sites and excellent hiking, ziplining in the Karkloof indigenous forest.

Howick: Take some time out to visit the Howick Falls.