The Northern Cape is waiting for you this winter

21 Jun 2017

Small town charm, fun activities and a festival or two – what more could you possibly need this winter? We think it’s time for you to pack a bag and head out to the serene and beautiful province of the Northern Cape for the best weekend getaway. Here are few reasons why the Northern Cape is where you should be this winter.

Hot Air Ballooning


What better way to view the Kalahari Desert’s red sand dunes than from the beautiful and clear skies of the Northern Cape. From high up, you can see the vast beauty that South Africa has to offer. Hot air ballooning in the Northern Cape is the perfect activity to make you feel like winter does not exist, and it is the best way to enjoy the peacefulness of this province.

Hot Air Ballooning South Africa: +27 83 446 9423

Augrabies Falls National Park


You will feel you like you have entered into another world and you will forget all about the winter blues once you have spent some time exploring this magical place. Get to see fascinating rock formations like the Moon Rock, which towers 30m above the park, offering a fantastic 360-degree view for those who are willing to venture up. Prepare to have your breath taken away at the summit.

Augrabies Falls National Park: +27 54 452 9200

Hantam Meat Festivals

In winter, good food is always welcome, and the Northern Cape has just the festival to satisfy your appetite. The Hantam Meat Festival takes place in Calvinia and celebrates meat in all kinds of ways – from braai to stew and all the delicious preparations in between. There are other activities that will keep you and your family entertained. The event runs for two days from 25 to 26 August 2017.

Hantam Meat Festivals: +27 27 341 8200

Riemvasmaak Hot Springs


Do you fancy diving into a pool that looks like it comes straight out of the movies? We have just the place for you – created by volcanic eruptions centuries ago, the spring water is kept warm by the earth’s underground activities. Once you’ve warmed your chilled winter bones, some scenic hiking and more fun opportunities are available.

Riemvasmaak Tourism: +27 73 383 8812 or + 27 83 873 7715

Pofadder Town

Located in what is said to be the middle of nowhere, this quiet little town has so many good things waiting just for you. Experience all kinds of outdoor adventures in this beautiful little town from hiking and quad biking to 4×4 adventures and delicious farm-fresh lamb. Make a stop when passing by this town and see what Klaas Pofadder, the person the town is named after, saw in it.

Pofadder Hotel: +27 54 933 0063


What are you waiting for? The Northern Cape has so much more to offer, so why not take a Sho’t Left this winter and enjoy the beauty and adventure that lies in this province.

Northern Cape Tourism

Tel: +27 53 832 2657