5 reasons to put on your jacket and head on a winter safari

15 Jun 2017

Winter is no longer coming, it is here. You probably don’t want to leave the warmth and comfort of your house, but have you considered that winter may be the best time to head to the bush. Here’s why:

The beautiful weather

We can all agree that South Africa has beautiful weather all-year round, but during winter there is more blue in the sky, the air is cooler, the sun is out and you don’t even have to worry about getting sunburnt. You will no longer need big hats that obstruct your view to block the heat. Even better, with no rain and cooler temperatures, the threat of mosquitos getting in your way is significantly decreased. And nobody likes having to reek of repellent.

Spot more wildlife

While we all have our reasons for loving the bush, it’s obvious that the wildlife itself takes centre stage in all our hearts. Well, in winter, you’re most likely to see the wildlife. Why? Because the weather is dry and the rains are few, so animals tend to congregate around the most reliable watering hole. Not only this, without all the green summery foliage getting in the way, the dry winter brush is much easier to peer through, helping you spot way more animals.

It is not packed

This time of year is usually a low season for bush visits. That makes it the perfect time to go to national parks – you can be sure that you will not be bothered by large roaming packs of human beings. You can practically have the park to yourself on many routes.



With low seasons in tourism come low prices and specials at lodges and hotels, so you can save and see the beautiful country at the same time. There are wonderful packages available on Sho’t Left for you to enjoy this winter.

There is always more to see

Enjoy a bon fire and wine, with a great view of the stars away from the city lights, on chilly nights that make you realise how beautiful the bush really is.

If you ever need a mid-year break from the everyday hustle of life, the South African wild is the place to go. So go on, get off the couch and go wild on a Sho’t Left to the nearest national park this winter.