A Free State festival of blooms and buds

10 Nov 2016

Parys plays host

A spectacular colourful festival has been added to the South African events calendar and it shouldn’t be missed! The Free State Flower Festival, scheduled to take place in Parys, a small vibrant town on the banks of the Vaal River, will be the flower event of the year. The event is a joint venture between the governments of the Free State and Madeira in Portugal, who host the world’s largest flower festival.

The Festival

Included in this extravaganza are 500 dancers, five massive floats and giant flower puppets performing around a spectacular flower precinct in a Disney-like flower story. It is the first time a fully-fledged, massive flower parade takes to the streets, anywhere in South Africa.

The highlight of the event will be a festival of colour and fun – featuring 500 choreographed performers, decorated in flowers and magnificent floral outfits. Participants, many of whom will be children, will parade in one choreographed movement, through the main street of Parys.

The Flower Precinct is the area where several floral exhibits will be located. These will include regional exhibitors, wholesalers, retailers and delicious food and drink vendors. Various activities and fun-themed events will be staged over the two days of the festival and will provide entertainment for the entire family. Among the highlights will be a fully-flower production narrated by the renowned Gina Hlope, musical performances, kid shows and various floral competitions.

Parys looks forward to welcoming visitors and flower enthusiasts!

Festival Details

Full activities programme can be found by clicking: Here.

Date: 11 & 12 November

Tickets: Free Entry

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