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26 Oct 2016

Top 5 Hiking Options

We all have different levels of fitness and this can be an important factor in choosing a hiking route. Some of the routes can be very challenging. Your comfort is also important – many of these hikes can take several days and whether you are staying in comfortable accommodation, camping or even roughing it in a natural cave, it all depends on personal taste and this will dictate what route you choose. Another point to consider when choosing your route is the time of year. The scenery might be better in spring or the trail may be closed during the winter months due to snow, especially in the Drakensberg.

Otter Trail

From panoramic lookouts and seaside hotspots to swimming holes, caves and waterfalls beneath the Tsitsikamma Mountains, the Otter Trail stretches from the east coast of South Africa to the Western Cape. It is possibly one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country.

Distance: 45km / five days

Contact: +27 42 28 11 438 / info@stormsrivervillagelodge.com

Kranshoek Hiking Trail

This is a challenging but very beautiful trail. It starts at the Kranshoek picnic site at the top of a tall waterfall. It then winds its way down through the forest into the gorge through which the waterfall stream flows. It follows the stream towards the coast and then hugs the coastline before going up to the plateau and back to the picnic site via the Kranshoek viewpoint.

Distance: 9 km circular

Contact: +27 44 532 7770 (Harkersville Forestry Station)


De Hoop Whale Trail

The De Hoop Whale Trail is another spectacular hiking route that runs through the De Hoop Nature Reserve near Bredasdorp. The trail passes through fragrant fynbos and has scenic views along the coast. During the spring months, the area has some of the best whaling opportunities in the country and if you do the hike between June and December, you are likely to see whales while hiking this route. The trail is broken up into sections and accommodation is offered in comfortable huts.

Distance: Depends on your choice of trail

Contact: +27 21 422 4522 / info@dehoopcollection.co.za

Amatola Trail

Amatola Trails offers all of the services that hikers need, in one place. They offer trail bookings, pre- and post-hike accommodation, shuttle services to the start of the trail, safe parking for the duration of the hike and communication with rangers in the field in case of an emergency, making this trail easy to book and hassle free. Nestled between the Amathole Mountains, the Amatola Trail in the Eastern Cape is considered as one of the toughest trails, but the swimming holes, waterfalls and endless forests make it one of the most beautiful too.

Distance: six-day or two-day trails.

For the contact and booking form, click: Here

Giant’s Cup Trail

Starting at the foot of Sani Pass, this is one of South Africa’s most awesome trails. The trail continues through the Drakensberg foothills and overlooks the Garden Castle Nature reserve. The trail stretches 60km with many streams, lakes, hills and caves, which are covered in rock art. It ends at Bushmans Nek Pass. The Giant’s Cup is based on two hiking trails: the Giant’s Cup Trail and the Gxalingenwa Trail, which is set in the Maloti-Drakensberg Park in the Southern Drakensberg.

Distance: 60 km / five days

Contact:  +27 33 845 1000/1

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