Hidden gems of the Western Cape

20 Sep 2016

Ask any avid traveller who has explored our beautiful country and most will tell you – the magnificence of the Western Cape is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s many highlights. It’s not just our seventh wonder of the world (Table Mountain) that lures tourists to the Cape but vast landscapes sprawling with vineyards, incredible mountain passes, and scenery too. Here’s what you can look forward on your next visit.

Kick-start your adventure with

Tsitsikamma Forest Canopy Tour

WCape ROAD Canopy Tour

Take comfort in the fact that you’re safely strapped into your harness when you experience zip lining with the Tsitsikamma Forest Canopy Tour. As you slide across the forest, keep your eyes open for the amazing scenery below such as the towering Outeniqua yellowwood and Hard Pear trees.

Cango Ostrich Show Farm







Ostrich farm

No need to head to the Karoo town of Oudtshoorn to view Africa’s largest bird. Visit the Cango Ostrich Show Farm in Cango Valley, Schoemanshoek to view (and ride) these incredible creatures that reach speeds of 30km/h when sprinting. 

Knysna Lagoon Sunset Cruise

knysna cruise

Knysna is a coastal village that takes every tourist’s breath away with its natural beauty. There are many ways to explore this town but taking a cruise with Knysna Lagoon Sunset Cruise is as fantastic as it is romantic. You’d think that the sunset is the highlight of the cruise but there are many other highlights including bird spotting to look forward to. 

Rafting on Breede River

WCape ROAD BreedeRafting

Brave the rough waters of the Breede River as you take an epic adventure with Felix Unite River Adventures. This awesome activity is suitable for all ages and fitness levels as there are various adventures to suit your needs.

Shark-cage diving

shark cage diving

Get up close and personal with one of the most feared yet fascinating fish in the ocean, the Great White shark. Take a dive with White Sharks Project and experience the thrills and chills of shark-cage diving in Gansbaai. 

Take a drive

The Outeniqua Pass

WCape Main Outeniqua Pass

Built in 1951, the Outeniqua Pass connects George, Oudtshoorn and the Karoo. Imagine driving with your windows rolled down, a subtle breeze blowing your hair and incredible views to gaze at – that’s what you can expect.

Tradouws Pass

WCape MAIN Tradouws Pass

The rugged mountain scenery on the Tradouws Pass is simply breathtaking. It connects the towns of Barrydale and Swellendam, and is most likely one of the most scenic passes in the Western Cape.

Stay here

Rosenhof Country House

WCape STAY Rosenhof 2

The Victorian-colonial style of the Rosenhof Country House gives this establishment a unique touch that no other country house in Oudtshoorn has. With 12 luxury suites, two executive suites, yellowwood trees and plush gardens that surround the house, the Rosenhof Country House exudes pure opulence. 

Tur Bine Hotel

WCape STAY Turbine Hotel

Once you step into the Tur Bine Hotel you’ll immediately get that industrial feel of the establishment. Built around a salvaged power plant, and beautifully restored, this hotel is definitely one of Knysna’s most eccentric and stunning hotels. Rooms from R1570 per person sharing.

Aloe Ridge

WCape STAY Aloe Ridge

The Aloe Ridge makes for a perfect weekend getaway. The quaint cottages of the resort are worth a night’s stay in Swellendam, and there are plenty water activities in and around the property to keep you occupied.

Grand West Road Lodge

WCape STAY RoadLodge

If it’s affordability and comfort you’re after, then the Grand West Road Lodge is the one for you. It’s not too far from many of Cape Town’s attractions including Table Mountain and many of the province’s wine farms. Expect to pay around R1138 per night.

Where to eat


Stella Café and Bar

Stella cafe

The Southern Sun The Cullinan is known for its charm and luxurious setting, but the Stella Café and Bar, situated in the hotel, takes the cake. Elegantly-dressed staff are on hand to see to your needs while serving delicious cuisine including Bo Kaap bobotie spring rolls with lime pickle sauce.

The Island Café

Island cafe

There’s no need to dine out at Knysna’s waterfront when you can relax at The Island Café at the Tur Bine Hotel. You’ll be impressed with the cuisine on offer, which includes Mediterranean line fish and mussel stew.

There’s so much to do in the Western Cape. Take a Sho’t Left to this beautiful province with these fantastic deals.









The Aloe Ridge makes for a perfect weekend getaway. The quaint cottages of the resort are worth a night’s stay in Swellendam and there are plenty water activities in and around the property to keep you occupied.

Grand West Road Lodge