Hidden gems of the Eastern Cape

2 Sep 2016

Head to the Eastern Cape where vast plains of natural beauty sprawls with greenery, rugged cliffs guard the coastline, and where locals exude warmth and hospitality. Explore the birthplace of the legendary Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Take a ride on the wild side

Wild Coast Sun and Casino Resort

Image 1 Wild coast Sun

Situated between the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal’s southern coastline, the Wild Coast Sun and Casino Resort is a holiday maker’s ideal spot to take in the picturesque scenery of unspoiled beaches. Quad biking trails, Segway rides, taking a leisurely cruise on the Mtavuna River are one of the many activities around the resort.

The Hole in the Wall


Take a peak through The Hole in the Wall situated south of Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape. This rocky formation has a natural arch that’s been around for millions of years and is a landmark of the Wild Coast.

Coffee Bay


Thrill seekers, head to Coffee Bay to appreciate the beautiful coastline while indulging in nerve-racking activities. Take on challenging hikes along the rugged and steep cliffs and watch as rough seas crash against the rocks below.

Take a detour

Nelson Mandela Museum


Built in 2000 in honour of one of South Africa’s greatest leaders, the Nelson Mandela Museum gives visitors a glimpse into life of this extraordinary man that touched the hearts of so many. 

Wild 5 Adventures


 Immerse yourself in the many adrenaline-fuelled activities that Wild 5 Adventures has to offer including going zip-lining through South Africa’s very own Grand Canyon, the Oribi Gorge. Expect to see a spectacular valley with high peaks and incredible views.

Beaver Creek Coffee farm and hiking trail

Image 6beavercreek

Self-proclaimed coffee snobs will love the Beaver Creek Coffee farm as guided tours are on offer to show visitors how their favourite brew is made. For the non-coffee drinkers, head to the Clearwater Hiking trail near to Umtamvuma River for a leisurely stroll.

A place to rest

Wild Coast Sun and Casino Resort


To say that the Wild Coast Sun and Casino Resort is beautiful is an understatement – it’s magnificent. Soon as visitors arrive, the pure opulence of the resort exudes is quite evident. Expect luxurious suites, impeccable service and of course, incredible views of its surrounds.  

Aloe Grove Guest Farm

Image 8 Aloe Grove

Expect tranquility from this countryside guest farm situated just outside Queenstown. The Aloe Grove Guest Farm is the ideal spot to kick back, relax and unwind from the city life. Expect to pay between R450 and R1100 for a room.

Summerstrand Hotel

image 9 summerstrand

Situated on the coast of Nelson Mandela Bay in Port Elizabeth, the Summerstrand Hotel deserves all praise it gets – it’s a true gem. From the sleek interior of the suites to the picturesque views of the outdoors, this hotel is the perfect spot for holidaymakers. 

Kuzuko Lodge

image 10 kuzuko loge

The Kuzuko Lodge never under delivers when it comes to service. The cosy rondavels offer an escape from the daily hassles of life and considering you’re surrounded by nature, you can expect a tranquil setting.

There’s so much to explore when you travel to the Eastern Cape. Take a Shot’Left to this beautiful province with these incredible deals.