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A Sho’t Left in the Northern Cape

Our largest province is also one of our most beautiful gems. It’s dry, it’s sparse, and it was the focus of our latest Sho’t Left tour with South Africa’s favourite musicians, Mi Casa.

A city in pictures – Port Elizabeth

Welcome to the Friendly City of Port Elizabeth. Founded as a small town in 1820 by British settlers, this is the second oldest city in South Africa. Now known as Nelson Mandela bay, this city revolves around the ocean and is overflowing with interesting history, beautiful scenery and serene beaches.

South Africa IS ancient history

When you think of South Africa it’s all about the here and now, but why don’t you turn back the clock millions of years and see South Africa for what it was, the birthplace of mankind and treasure trove of fossilised history.

Our top tidal pools

Photo by Alan Nixon

While catching a wave or diving into the surf is always on the cards in South Africa, sometimes you just want to take it slow. Here’s our top 10 list for tidal pools along the South African coastline, from Durban all the way to Cape Town.

Wonderfully wacky

Old Mac Daddy

These South African hotels are weird and wonderful but also have an element of wackiness. If you enjoy a slightly offbeat style for your choice of accommodation, then do read on…